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Haiku of Love and War - OIF Perspectives from a Woman's Heart

PressReleasePing - March 12, 2018 -

Having served as a staff nurse with the United States Navy, best-selling author Elyse Braxton encapsulates in this new riveting poetic release the love, emotions, struggles and dreams she experienced in her initial deployment in the US Navy. Titled, Haiku of Love and War, the book is a love story, not just of one type of Love, but of several, all of which on each level is inspiring and truly shows selflessness, true devotion and sacrifice. The story shows clearly the cost of the choices we make, and the unknown greatness that awaits everyone that dares to do more in the service of others.

In Haiku of Love and War, Elyse is able give voice to women in war, their struggles, their leadership and their sacrifices. It brings to fore the perspective of a woman's heart perhaps never ever shared before. In the book, readers will be able to connect with her and other nurses as they invest their heart, body and soul to taking care of wounded service members in the deployment and surrounding combat areas. The stories unfold to show just how big a person’s heart can be, and just how devoted the faith of one woman, one officer, and one individual can be. The greatness that Elyse Braxton brings to life in this amazing read is the great ability to find strength in the unity of a team in order to provide stability and assistance for those that are in great need.

A review by a reader on Amazon says, "A captivating account of faith, courage and the search for enduring love is presented in a singular voice and style. Elyse's poetry is musical and rich. Her story tells of her personal search for meaning underscored by determination and compassion. Her journey in war and peace is a vibrant haiku of adventure, longings and the disappointments these may bring. Above all, this is a story of faith; faith in her God and in herself."

After being struck by what she terms "military urges", Elyse Braxton enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve in April 2003. But it wasn't until late December 2003 while on a second volunteer vacation to serve at the United States Army, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany that she was divinely inspired to become a nurse. And ever since, she hasn't looked back. Taking on greater challenges and responsibilities, Elyse has gone on to win different awards for her service and achievements within and related to various medical areas of the military. Encouraged by her greatest cheerleader and fan - her mom, Elyse decided to write her book Haiku of Love and War. In it, she mirrors the core values of the United States Navy: Honor, Courage, and Commitment. She also spreads the message of love, to lead, to serve and to forgive.

Haiku of Love and War: OIF Perspectives from a Woman's Heart is now available on in both e-book and paperback form and is published by Reflection of Grace Publishing.

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