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Ecosmob Announce Session Border Controller for VoIP Service Providers

PressReleasePing - March 30, 2018 -Ecosmob, well acclaimed globally for its outstanding VoIP, IVR and IP-PBX solutions announced the launch of hybrid session border controller to complement its VoIP solutions for service providers and telecom carriers. Ecosmob engineers, he said, are constantly at work to improve existing products and introduce innovations that will meet emerging challenges in the global VoIP and telecom service industry. There is an increased need for security and the rise of VoIP and use of diverse codecs in audio and video communications spurred the company to refine its session border controller product to greater heights of performance. Available as a well-integrated hybrid product that includes basic hardware and refined software, this latest iteration is the answer to global telecom carriers’ worries about interoperability and security. Because it is a hybrid solution, the speed of operation is much better as are security features when compared to a purely software product. SIP trunking is just not sufficient to meet the challenges that voice over IP present and neither is a firewall. Ecosmob VoIP SBC solution guards the border of VoIP networks and controls VoIP signaling and its SBC solution is also available to control media packets. It does everything smoothly in the background such as cloaking IP, securing calls and media streams, media transcoding, interoperability across IP networks using SIP, H.323, H.248, SS7, SIGTRAN, AIN and TCAP protocols. The company’s latest solutions has streamlined code and firmware that do not impose any burden on network or resources while greatly enhancing audio calls and keeping the network fully protected. The diagnostic tools section has also received a boost with improved features and ease of use as well as hardware crash protection and virtual machine options. Ecosmob SBC solution is the outcome of intensive research into feedbacks and markets and their recent SBC development has filled in the gaps. VoIP service providers and telecom carriers as well as business enterprises across the world can not only get peace of mind as a result of better security but they can also monitor, configure and control SIP trunks and network connections with ease and generate reports that will help streamline operations. Ecosmob, he said, is always customer centric and backs its products with total support and maintenance. Inquiries are welcome on phone 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or email

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