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Understanding The Deadly Diabetes Disease Soman Indonesia Offers An Effective Remedy

PressReleasePing - April 09, 2018 -

Experts in the healthcare profession are of the opinion that diabetes will not cause any ill-effects immediately if the blood sugar level is kept under control. People are generally recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle by including healthy food items and exercise regimen to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Some people take chemical-based drugs to keep their blood sugar levels under check. However, these drugs can cause ill-effects on the different organs of the human body when taken on a long-term basis. So, it is important that people with diabetes should keep themselves away from these drugs. However, they should also keep their blood sugar levels under check. How is this possible?

To help them achieve blood sugar control in a natural manner with herbal ingredients, Soman Indonesia offers a drug called SoMan. The product says ‘dapatkan manfaat kesehatan dari 39 bahal alam dalam 1 langkah’, which means get health benefits from 39 natural substances in 1 step. Yes, this herbal remedy has 39 ingredients that are natural. In addition to keeping blood sugar under check, this remedy will bring other benefits to individuals with type 2 diabetes.

The company says “SoMan is a clinically tested diabetes drug for sugar disease, which was already tested at Gadjah Mada University Hospital, Yogyakarta.” The product was tested on diabetes patients and the methods followed were consecutive sampling, random allocation, and randomized controlled trial. The result was that patients, who were given this drug found, better results.

For complete details about this drug, people are recommended to visit Also, they are recommended to use this remedy at the rate of 10 drops for three times a day. This dosage was tested with patients along with metformin. Another set of patients were given metformin and placebo drugs. The result in the case of patients under former group was better as compared to the latter.

From, people will find that this herbal remedy works by repairing the beta cells in the pancreas.

About SoMan:

SoMan drug was introduced by a group of diabetes doctors working for Soman Indonesia to help people keep blood sugar levels under control safely.

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