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An Innovate Way to Install Tiles Fast by New York Tile Company

PressReleasePing - May 06, 2018 -

Abbruzzi Tile & Marble Incorporated, a renowned professional tile installer based in New York, accepts both residential and commercial projects in different stages whether these are small or large-scale.

The company has extensive experience in the installation of tiles, stone, and marble which includes cultured marble, porcelain, granite, and mosaic. Abruzzi Tile is also among the few marble tile installation companies who specialize in creating Mud Floors (Portland cement mortar beds) normally preferred in rural areas. This type of flooring looks nice and spruces up the home's aesthetic appearance. The surface is smooth, resilient, and even.

These tile and marble experts handle projects from the conceptualization stage to completion. Households as well as commercial building owners are assured of professional planning and design.

As a reputable marble and porcelain tile installer that adheres to international standards and guidelines, Abbruzzi Tile & Marble is certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA). It is also licensed and acknowledged as lead-safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This professional tile installer has the capacity to work on all kinds of glass and stone; interiors and exteriors; all remodeling phases; and, kitchens, bathrooms, and floorings.

James Abbruzzese explained the key characteristics of marble that make them the ideal material for floors. "This material blends with and complements a variety of styles, designs, and fixtures. Marble, granite and tiles come in different finishes as well, "James added.

Refined marble and granite tiles are glossy where the granite crystals are seen clearly. The matte texture is available as well for both varieties. Many potential home buyers opt for marble and granite because these can last for ages if maintained properly eliminating replacement costs.

The expert in marble tile installation puts emphasis on design and points out that marble is a suitable material specifically for inlay patterns that make a noticeable floor. However, both materials are porous making them susceptible to dirt as well as bacteria. Therefore, Abbruzzi Tile & Marble installers use penetrating sealers that serve as an effective barrier.

Meanwhile, the porcelain tile installer also uses porcelain tiles because of this material's density that makes it impervious to liquid penetration compared to ceramic. It is also very resistant to stains thereby preventing discoloration. The water absorption rate of porcelain is 1/10th of one percent compared to more than three percent of ceramic. In short, the latter is not ideal for exterior use.

Porcelain tiles are fireproof which means it does not burn easily. Likewise, it is regarded as the most durable flooring option in the market. Porcelain is also exceptionally dense and durable.

About Abbruzzi Tile
Abruzzi Tile has been operating since 1986 in the USA with a firm commitment to premium standards of quality, craftmanship, and service.

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