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Roger Sayegh for San Fernando Valley State Senate Announcement

PressReleasePing - May 07, 2018 -

After over-whelming support from Roger Sayeghs Christian church, and pressure from his industry. Roger Sayegh, a Bail Bondsmen located in North Hollywood, is officially announcing his candidate for State Senate in District 18.

When interviewed about his opinion on bail reform and special Interests in his Democratic Party Roger replied:

“It’s no secret that I’m a bail bondsmen. It’s been my career of choice for past 7 years; I’ve helped over hundreds women and men get into rehabs, solely support my mother and sister through my bail bondsman income, and have established a network of friends and family who I love and would do anything to stand up for. But make no mistake, It’s not the ONLY reason I’m running. Bail Reform is needed, and I agree 100% with my opponent Bob Hertzberg. It NEEDS REFORM. Just not total elimination, bail agents (The 14,000 Californians) provide a meaningful service, with $0 in tax payers money; at a small fraction of the bail amount, we hold criminals accountable, and make sure they show up to court. It’s true, if you’re too poor to afford bail there are very little to no other options. We need reform, and I understand that. But, New Jersey has tried a Hertzberg branded Bail Reform, and it’s failed horribly… Crime sky-rocketed, just like Californians has in the past few years. That’s just the problem with our democratic leadership, and men like Bob Hertzberg; They refuse to meet in the middle, not with my industry, not with healthcare, not with taxes, and not with accountability. I promise to bring back REAL representation to our Valleys State Senate… That’s why I’m running.” 

A few policy statements from Roger Sayegh For SFV State Senate Facebook Page:

– Repeal and Replace Prop 47 & 57
– Universal Single-Payer Healthcare
– Lower Taxes universally for our Middle Class
– Fix Tax Loopholes for Billionaire Hedge-Fund Managers
– Repeal the Bullet Train Gas Tax

Voting takes place by Mail on May 7th, or in person on June 5th. 

With this press release I formally open our campaign to public conversations, and interviews from news organizations.

Please Call Shane Sagar (Campaign Manager) to inquire: @ 1(909)681-2877

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