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Flushing of Fallopian Tubes is a better & cost efficient alternative to IVF by researchers

PressReleasePing - May 07, 2018 -In the research and procedure conducted in Australia and the Netherlands it’s been observed that through this procedure, around 40% of women have conceived successfully. A professor from University of Adelaide informed that this technique has proved successful for many women to conceive. The fact is that flushing away the debris of fallopian tubules has fertility benefits, which removes the obstacles for women to conceive. This technique has benefits as it uses a water based solution to flush the fallopian tubules which improves the fertility rate by 29%. According to Professor Mol, he concludes that the results vary for couple. Some couples spend time and money on IVF treatments. Mol says that the treatment is very cost efficient and it costs only a fraction of the amount spent on IVF. The treatment has proven successful for 40% of women who have conceived successfully and avoided spending huge amounts on expensive and painful treatments like IVF. This oil-based flushing procedure is called Lipiodol Ultra-Fluid, which is available in several countries.An age old technique which helps address the couple facing infertility to conceive without undergoing expensive IVF treatments, according to the new research conducted. It is not widely known technique, where the fallopian tubules are flushed using iodised poppy seed oil.SWCIC has been assisting couples with specialist advice and treatment and has been obtaining outstanding results. With the outstanding success of our Infertility Centre we Inaugurated ``SECUNDERABAD WOMENS HOSPITAL`` in 2013, it is a 50 bedded Superspeciality fertility institute. It is one of the best and hi-tech centers for infertility/IVF treatment. Here we not only do basic and advanced fertility treatments but also support our high risk patients well into pregnancy and delivery for local and International patients. Our results for basic and advanced (IVF) fertility treatment improve by leaps and bounds everyday owing to our constant effort to improve ourselves. Our sole focus is to provide our patients with the best possible results. As a result we are placed among one of the best fertility centers in Hyderabad India& Secunderabad.

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