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Propellant Media is offering Location based Mobile Advertising services using Geofencing Technology

PressReleasePing - May 22, 2018 -

The increasing movement of consumers from conventional web browsing on laptops and PCs to mobile browsing on smart phones and tablets has made more and more advertisers to switch over to a new location based mobile advertising technology known as geofencing to target potential clients. Location based advertising is taking customized marketing to another level. Whether it is about conveying a personalized message to people near a retail store or a discount offer to individuals who just visited the rival store, location based advertising has extreme potential in engaging probable clients for a targeted campaign. Geofencing is a minor departure from the relatively known geo-targeting, i.e., confining the placement of digital advertisements so that they just appear to users inside a predefined set based around the location of the user’s IP address. The possibilities for hyper local targeting includes competitors locations, stadiums, sporting and music events, office buildings, customer loyalty programs, conferences and conventions, intersection of popular streets, and various other places.

Atlanta based digital marketing and media solutions provider Propellant Media, LLC is offering reliable location based advertising services to business and agencies using the innovative geofencing marketing technology. The service is primarily intended for personal injury lawyers looking for ways to reach out to accident victims at ER centers, hospitals, and auto repair centers, exhibitors who want to advertise at a forthcoming trade show, retailers or franchisees considering running a customer loyalty program and thus build geofencing around their own stores to attract repeat customers and buyers, and digital agencies, etc. The geofencing technology utilized by Propellant Media can also track those who have seen a product/service advertisement and determine if they walked inside the store. Their geofencing technology can provide immense benefits to a business, like targeting location visitors or event attendees for 1 day to a month; serving ads across 60k apps they have access to, retargeting customers who visit or travel through any geofenced location, and more.

Propellant Media was established on the idea that small to medium sized companies that do not have access to enterprise level solutions can get access through. The company has built a foundation of assisting small to medium sized companies develop through their unique digital solutions. They take immense pride on developing cost effective multi-channel campaigns that essentially fuel growth for their clients. Individuals can find relevant information on Propellant Media’s location based mobile advertising services on this official webpage -

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Propellant Media is offering one of a kind geofencing marketing technology to provide businesses and agencies reliable location based mobile advertising services to target potential clients. This service can prove to be immensely beneficial to businesses and provide them the competitive edge they have been looking for.

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