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Green Butterfly Brands Acknowledges Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

PressReleasePing - May 25, 2018 -

With two adopted dogs of their own, the Green Butterfly Brands family business was quick to recognize Adopt A Shelter Pet Day on their Green Butterfly Blog. The blog post sings the praises of shelter pets as loving animals, proclaiming the bond between human and shelter pet as one of the strongest. Naturally, the post focuses on shelter dogs in particular, offering four essential tips for those looking to welcome a shelter dog into their family.

The first tip encourages readers to do some research on the breed that the dog appears to be, to make sure they are a good match for the type of dog and can meet their needs. The post acknowledges that sometimes the breed is not apparent, so one should base the breed off of what emerges as most dominant in the dog’s appearance. The second tip urges potential adopters to bring all household members along to meet the prospective pup, in order to observe his behavior with each of them. The third tip advocates for taking the dog on a quick trip before adoption, to observe his behavior in multiple settings. The fourth and last tip advises readers that patience is key with shelter dogs, as they have been through a lot and may require a slower transition into home life.

The blog post wraps up by recognizing that shelter dogs may require some extra care and patience, but promises the reader that it is worth it in the end. Green Butterfly Brands is a constant advocate for adoption and acknowledges that, while rescued pups need more attention, they also love the hardest. Supporting small family businesses like Green Butterfly Brands is easy, simply check out their all natural dog treats on Amazon.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a family-run business committed to providing all-natural dog and cat treats, made in USA. Their treats offer pet owners a healthy way to reward their furry friends for good behavior and love. Green Butterfly Brands’ All Natural Turkey Treats, Chicken Jerky, Premium Salmon Treats, All Natural Chicken Hearts, Beef Liver Jerky, Organic Beef Sticks, and Premium Assorted Dog Chews can be purchased on Amazon.

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