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Gadget Feed Introduces No Risk Marketing Agency

PressReleasePing - June 05, 2018 -

After two years of providing social marketing and consultation, the management team at Gadget Feed made some major changes. The industry standard for PR agencies is to charge a retainer of $20,000 and offer zero guarantees. This creates a lot of risk for new companies that are purchasing PR outreach. Especially since most PR agencies offer zero guarantees to their customers. Most startup companies can't afford to take the risk and find few alternatives. This problem motivated Gadget Feed to create a new business model. The digital marketer now provides what they describe as "no risk" marketing for startup companies.

Gadget Feed specializes in marketing for tech startups that are raising capital through crowdfunding. Instead of charging for marketing up front, they've released a service that provides their full marketing package with no retainer. After the crowdfunding campaign is successful it can pay for the marketers fees out of the profits. This method removes all the risk while providing cash flow to the startup company being featured. To truly make the service "no risk", Gadget Feed leaves the decision of how much to pay afterwards, up to its customers. Every marketing campaign performs differently based on the startup that is being marketed. So, leaving the decision of how much the service was worth up to the customer guarantees that every customer is 100% satisfied. However, this model puts risk of not getting paid, on the company providing the marketing. Crowdfunding campaigns could easily use this service to raise thousands of sales and choose not to pay for the marketing service afterwards.

Gadget Feed provides this service to a few companies per week based on approval. This new crowdfunding marketing service requires a link to a valid crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to be approved.

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