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Aircon Repair Singapore Services Available At Marvellous Aircon!

PressReleasePing - July 10, 2018 -

Air conditioner plays an important role in the day-to-day life and became essential for the living. When it gets repaired, it causes a lot of discomforts and makes the people think whether to repair it or to buy a new one. Buying new one may cost more. Also, the person will have to sell the old one which is not cost-effective, so people look for the best repairing services in Singapore. Marvellous Aircon provides effective and cost-efficient aircon repair. Apart from repairs, the company provides normal servicing, chemical wash chemical over overhaul, installation and gas topping services in Singapore.

Till now, has performed more than thousands of aircon repair and troubleshooting. Customers can register their complaint and can get an appointment through the website of this company. They can also inform about the problem of air con through this website.

Once the complaint is registered experienced staff/technician will be on-site as soon as possible, to inspect and identify the issue and correct it using high-quality parts. The greatest backbone of the company is their staff; well-trained staff knows how to repair and service air conditioning units of all the brands available in Singapore.

The staff go beyond the services and literally explains to the customer how the machine works, which helps them understand the system and about the problem. Customers are offered with 90 days of warranty for their air conditioning service.

Repairing services include dismantling of the circuit, checking the circuit board or entire unit for analysis, providing a quotation for the total cost of repair, repairs of unit conducted after customer confirmation, In-house testing after the repair and reinstallation of the circuit board.

Generally, the problems may be leaks, lack of cold air and circuit board malfunction. Pricing is an important aspect with air con servicing companies, due high demand for the services, many companies started the AC repairing services. When it comes to pricing the company will not offer the lowest rate until it suits, the cost may be high but maintenance and utility bills are low. The customer can know the general cost of each service, by visiting

About Marvellous Aircon:

Marvellous Aircon in Singapore is the aircon servicing, repairing, maintenance and installation Company in leading position. They use the latest equipment and technologies to provide effective and trusted air conditioning service.

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