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AirdropRating.Io Launches Rating Service for Upcoming Cryptocurrency Airdrops

PressReleasePing - July 11, 2018 -

With the popularity of cryptocurrency rising and a plethora of crypto companies around the world launching their own versions of digital currency, a major trend has emerged – free coins and tokens being given out in the infant stages, which is known as Crypto Airdrops. However, for those who wish to benefit from these Crypto Airdrops are confused about the value, authenticities, and the possibility of an increase in the coin rate, therefore miss a great opportunity. To help such people, startup launched a cryptocurrency airdrops rating online service.

The platform is the need of the moment because; it simplifies the researching process by willingly doing all the "dirty" work for its users. That is, not only do they update their website and social media pages with daily updated airdrops and giveaways, but also rate it for their users. Making it easier for users to decide on which airdrop to join and make an informed choice about the projects that are worth joining, and identify potential scams.

For upgraded legitimacy in the platform, room for public corrections on the ratings has been willingly added allowing users to add valuable information they feel should be considered. This can be done by simply emailing the support team, which will then be reviews and the necessary updates may be made. In addition, a set of pundits in the crypto field has also been put together to offer users qualitative guidelines on what coins or companies to go for. An example of such a guideline is that if one makes a decision to participate in multiple airdrops, irrespective of how much monetary value they offer, they should always opt for airdrops with the highest ratings.

So in a nutshell, is designed to save time, energy and resources that were previously allocated towards acquiring details about airdrops all over the world. The platform is a reliable source of information that will allow its users to obtain the best cryptocurrency airdrops.

With so many cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies offering free coins and tokens – "airdrops", and there was a real need to organize all this information. is designed to list and update the website and social media channels with new daily airdrops and giveaways, the information is also rated for the users' convenience, making it easier to decide which airdrop to join, which projects are worth investing in, and those that can be potential scams.

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