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Cettina Casella

Cettina Casella

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Cettina Casella, Facilitates Quantum Healing Hypnosis Is Willesden, London and Europe

PressReleasePing - July 12, 2018 -

People who wish to experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) can get in touch with Cettina Casella via her website, Cettina Casella is a psychotherapist passionate about hypnosis which she feels helps people to develop their resources and live a more fulfilled life.

Everyone faces challenges and issues in their lifetime, in many cases, the root cause of problems is left unaddressed by conventional thinking and modern medicine. Issues such as stress, addiction to substances, obesity, etc. are conditions that often have psychosomatic causes. Many people can find relief from their suffering with the help of medicines that they buy over the counter, medicine generally provides only short-term relief. Many issues are deeply embedded in a persons mind and the thought processes of such individuals needs to change in for long-lasting results to occur.

In 1905 Austrian neuropathologist, Sigmund Freud developed an iceberg analogy to describe the mind, thought processes and behaviour patterns. Freud hypothesised that the mind was split into three parts, the conscious, subconscious and superconscious. Freud is considered by many to be the father of psychotherapy and much of modern psychology is based around Freud's theories. Quantum Healing Hypnosis offers a means to bypass the conscious part of the mind and access deeper memories. Advocates of Quantum Healing Hypnosis believe that the subconscious is always listening and remembers everything that an individual experiences even past lives.

Cettina Casella uses Quantum Healing Hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and communicate with it allowing the client to access deep memories that are relevant to their current issues, find answers and solutions to problems that may be troubling them. Although Quantum Healing Hypnosis uses regression techniques and these are often associated with past life experiences Cettina Casella says not all clients regress to past life experiences, some clients may regress to current life experiences. By using hypnosis Cettina can help clients resolve these issues and move forward.

Many people are sceptical about past lives and hypnosis but, such sessions are considered to be safe and people all around the world have benefited from such healing sessions. Hypnosis has been found to have a calming effect on the mind, helping clients to find a positive approach toward their lives. Cettina says, "I love to use Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique because this allows me to help people to find their own answers rather than having solutions imposed on them."

About Cettina Casella
Cettina Casella is a psychotherapist who is passionate about using hypnosis to help people to access their own, internal resources so that they can live a more fulfilled life. As a qualified medical doctor, Cettina is able to draw on a vast amount of knowledge and experience in psychiatry and general medicine. Cettina speaks Italian and is willing to travel throughout Europe so that she can provide Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions. She is also happy to see clients on Skype and Zoom.

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Name: Cettina Casella
Phone Number: +447507629017

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