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Steven L Pullman, Sr., MBA, MA

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Steven Pullman's New Book "Online Dating: Hook, Lies and Scammers" Is Said to Be the Perfect Introduction to Online Dating

PressReleasePing - September 11, 2018 -

Online dating is not an easy task. This is especially the case for people who aren't technologically savvy, and as such do not know the full intricacies involved in something as modern as online dating. In many cases, people end up making the wrong moves, which not only makes it difficult for them to find a partner they are compatible with, but also damages their morale and self-confidence. This is why, as useful and convenient and online dating is, it also poses some dangers and threats that one must be careful of.

To people who find themselves to be in such a situation, Steven Pullman's new book could be the best answer they're looking for. Called the "Online Dating: Hook, Lies and Scammers" this is one online dating experience that is sure to alert anyone of the dangers of this new format of dating. Steven Pullman shares his own experiences about online dating, and the various different roadblocks and pitfalls he encountered while partaking in this activity.

The book features his personal experiences with the phenomena and his suggests on how to survive this volatile dating environment, while also being able to come out on the other side as an adept online dater. The guide features a number of pictures, critical advice and a series of other tips and tricks that are a must for anyone who wishes to partake in online dating.

The book has received quite a bit of acclaim from a multitude of people who claim that it assisted them greatly in finding the right path when it comes to online dating. They were finally able to receive the assistance they required without all of the difficult issues they usually had to run into.

It has been said that over 40 million Americans try online dating daily. This book is about the very popular practice of online dating. However, please stay alert since it's really about Steven Pullman's experiences with the phenomena and his suggestions on how to survive its deadly clutches including but not limited to letters, some pictures and critical advice. Steven Pullman, Sr is the author of the Sports Agent, My Story and other upcoming projects: Why You Running, The Deals and the 7's.

He resides in Virginia and loves and enjoys the beaches of Florida where he travels frequently. He is a single father of two and has two beautiful granddaughters. He holds an undergraduate degree from an HBCU, Oakwood University and two Master degrees from Marymount University.

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