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Aaron Coupe, an Exceptional New Lawyer from New Zealand Has Now Joined T&P Family Lawyers Melbourne’s Legal Team

PressReleasePing - September 25, 2018 -

Anyone that has had legal disputes which needed professional assistance in Melbourne has almost certainly heard the name of T&P Family Lawyers Melbourne’s name at least once.

They are the go-to option for the citizens of Melbourne and have for a very long time, providing quality services and top-notch legal advice and assistance. Whether it is divorce and family law in Melbourne or property settlements, T&P Family Lawyers have proven to be the right people for the job time and time again.

That being said, with so many successful cases and experiences, they now have a high standard to adhere to. This is why they have recently brought in one of New Zealand’s finest lawyers to join their firm: Aaron Coupe. This lawyer has had experiences between New Zealand mint and with the High Court of New Zealand, and as a result is quite a versatile and professional person for a wide array of reasons.

They believe that Aaron Coupe is the right person for the job and believe that his skills and experiences will allow their firm to grow even more. He will primarily be assisting them in Property Development Contract Law and Harbour Construction Contract Law, as he is a specialist in it. With that said, the legal firm looks forward to working alongside him to provide the most exceptional and reliable legal advice currently available all across Melbourne.

About T&P Family Lawyers Melbourne:

T&P Melbourne is a legal firm that has managed to become one of the premier options for the citizens of Melbourne.  They provide assistance to people with multiple different legal cases such as divorce, property settlements, and family law. Their core principle is to become the best at what they do – and it is precisely because of this that they always keep on advancing and adapting to provide the most exceptional service at all times.

They evaluate every detail and ensure that the service provided is better than all other competitors as a result of this. Recently, they have brought in an exceptional lawyer, from Auckland, New Zealand who is a professional and experienced individual. He will be assisting them in cases dealing with Property Development Contract Law and Harbour Construction Contract Law Specialist.

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