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Atlantic Publishers Release New Romantic Novel, In Plain Site, By Tyrone Reeves

PressReleasePing - November 01, 2018 -

NEW YORK – Moorehouse Publishing, today announced the release of a new romance short story, Hidden in Plain Site, by talented writer Tyrone Reeves. This debut novel by Tyrone is expected to be first in a long line of novellas and has already received rave reviews from several insiders. Tyrone grew up in a home surrounded by several sisters, friends, and aunts and drew from his experiences to come up with creative plot ideas. “I am a romantic at heart and I love seeing people find true love,” the author said. “I remember listening to people sharing their stories of falling in love and thinking other people should hear this, and I think that was what inspired me to write this book.”

In this deeply emotional novella, Tyrone captures the heart and soul of women who have no premonitions about falling in love only to see themselves swept up in a gale of romance. It is one that is sure to resonate with everyone who has ever fallen in love before in a heartbeat and looks fondly on that experience.

“We are excited to start this new journey with Tyrone who is such an amazing and fascinating writer and we are really confident about our decision to publish HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE,” says Boaz Moore, President of Moorehouse Publishing.

Tyrone Reeves is a romantic novelist based out of Washington, D.C. A graduate of Columbia College, he emphasized writing as a young teenager and only recently decided to take the first step of sharing his work. When he’s not cooking up plots for her next novels, Tyrone can usually be found on campus of Alabama A&M University where he is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Communication Studies.

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