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Stillinger Investigations Provide the Help for Those in Need of a Private Investigator Columbia SC

PressReleasePing - December 04, 2018 -

At times, the help of a private investigator Columbia SC becomes important for individuals and organizations. They can get the best help from Stillinger Investigations irrespective of the nature of the private investigation they need.

For those looking for Child Custody investigations, this company has the right experience in carrying out the required investigations to bring out the truth. The company says “In custody and visitation cases, independent verification of activities or conditions harmful to the child is crucial”.

In such a case, the best private investigators Columbia SC working for Stillinger Investigations can document the activities and conditions that occur when the other person does not know they are being watched.

When it comes to investigation needs of businesses like adultry & infidelity, it is essential that businesses should have the proof that is not just convincing, but also admissible. In addition to testifying what they observe at the time of surveillance, the private investigators at Stillinger can obtain the most powerful evidence that can be used in front of the court.

Further, the company has the right expertise in handling insurance fraud. The company very well knows that insurance fraud is the major burden not just on business owners, but also on the economy as a whole. So, the private detective Columbia SC working for this company can provide the right support to insurance companies in investigating potential insurance fraud with the best investigation services and professional surveillance.

In the present situation, digital forensics is something that is highly important. At Stillinger, with their state-of-the-art technology, they perform forensic analysis on cell phones, smartphones, tablet PCs and computers and even on digital storage devices to identify frauds. The team of five full-time investigators at this company is ready to serve their prospective clients with more than 50 years of combined experience. They have handled thousands of successful investigation cases. Also, the company holds the pride of being the #1 private investigator in South Carolina.

About Stillinger Investigations:

In addition to Columbia, Stillinger Investigations have their operations in Lexington, Myrtle Beach and Rock Hill areas of the United States.

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