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The benefits of vitamins B17 laetrile and cesium chloride for cancer .

  B17 vitamins source of health  
PressReleasePing - December 08, 2018 -

Laetrile (Vitamin B17) as an alternative cancer treatment

Vitamin B17 is a very effective treatment procedure for cancer patients and it has been successfully adopted into the world renowned Cellect-budwig cancer Treatment protocol. Vitamin B17 targets and destroys cancer cells and also boosting the overall immune system.  cells have a strong affinity for sugar, they survive solely on sugar.

B17 vitamin  contains a molecular Substance known as the amygladlin, which is  high in abundance of glucose (sugar), this attracts cancer cells. The amygladlin contains two more substances: the Benzaldehyde and cyanide which is expelled during the reaction process that occurs between cancer cells and amygladlin, the two products expelled, combines with each other to form a strong poisonous substance that kills cancer cells. Healthy cells are unaffected by this chain of reaction , because they are not attracted to glucose, they only ferment molecules of oxygen.

Vitamins B17 Novodalin is not known to cure cancer cells rapidly, but gradually. I can still recall vividly, on how I read about an Australian man who got cured from cancer in 2010. He was diagnosed of lymphoma: a type of cancer that has no cure. With the aid of Vitamins B17, Paul Reid was able to cure himself, while totally ignoring doctor's diagnosis; he was 55, when he was told he had a maximum of 7 years to live; But at 68, a happy Paul Reid was seen by all, living a wonderful and fulfilling life after 13 years of his prognosis, Judging from his looks, you could tell he was cancer free.

As always, experts believed Reid's case to be one who was rather lucky and not due to his consistent consumption of the vitamin B17 . They claimed he had no concrete proof to back up his assertions.


As seen in Paul's case, the Apricot kernels is indeed a Great source of vitamin B17. This you can easily purchased online or at any reputable health center. The kernel is inside the Apricot to get it out you'll need to remove the outer shell. The recommended dosage by experts is 24-40 kernels daily. Other sources of the laetrile are grape seeds, peach kernels, macadamia nuts, red raspberries, blackberries and the blueberries.

There is a particular statement regarding its toxicity to the human body. This is totally biased and not true, the B17 is a completely harmless substance. It was probably cooked up and fed to the masses by FDA to steer the attention of people away from it and also make it daunting to obtain.

In some countries, laetrile supplements can be purchased without you incurring upon yourself any sanctions as they are still very legal in such countries.

I highly recommend using the B17 with other food supplements like zinc vitamins, selenium, manganese, magnesium, vitamins B6, B9 and B12. You must take this supplements along with your regular treatment protocols.


As cancer free patient who has been forwarned by the doctor to take things slowly, as you only have few moments left to live; simply because your cancer is terminal. Out of desperation to live, you wonder if a cure will ever be found. Well the goodnews is: there is a cure for terminal cancer Patients, and the simple answer to your question is in this wonderful mineral called the cesium chloride therapy.

This substance was first prescribed and given to 50 cancer patients who had less than 24 hours to live. The procedure was first admitted to these patients by two prominent doctors, Dr. H.E. Satori and physicist A. Keith Brewer.

It was recorded that almost two-thirds of these patients where completely cured and saved. It was gathered that the patients who didn't make it out alive where the ones who had mild cancer.

Dr. James Greenstone applauded them and had this to say


Cesium chloride, like the B17 is also nature's ways of blessing mankind, it is a natural salt. And the perfect cure for cancer. Cesium mineral once injected into the body, attacks and destroys cancer cells in a few moment.

As stated earlier, this treatment protocol is still under clear observations by experts and so far so good, as diverse insightful and contradicting opinions From different professionals keep on arising daily.

So if you are planning on undergoing this procedure, I urge you to carry out an extensive research on your own to clarify or solidify your doubts.

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