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East Coast Injury Clinic

East Coast Injury Clinic

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East Coast Injury Clinic Delivers the Finest Auto Accident Chiropractor in Jacksonville

PressReleasePing - January 09, 2019 -

East Coast Injury Clinic is one of the leading enters for neurology practice in Jacksonville, Florida. The center also offers high end solutions when it comes to personal injury and chiropractic medicine and treatment. For many years, East Coast Injury Clinic has served as a reputed auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville center, taking on one complex case after another and making sure that the patients receive the finest medical treatment. The clinic carries out diagnosis, and treatment along with ongoing care coordination to help patients who have been affected by different kinds of injuries. The clinic regularly works with patients from communities residing in the northeastern parts of Florida.

Located in the Southside Jacksonville area just outside the St Johns Town Center, close to JTB & 295, East Coast Injury Clinic is equipped with the latest medical infrastructure that can be used to treat different kinds of injury related pains. The medical experts at the East Coast Injury Clinic have many years of professional experience and are skilled when it comes to evaluating and assisting the patients who have suffered major auto accidents, work-related incidents and traumatic falls. A lot of these injured patients suffer from post-concussive syndrome, a type of complex disorder which can give rise to numerous long-term symptoms like headaches, concentration issues, memory problems, mood changes, balance problems, and insomnia among others.

Being a DOT physical Jacksonville center, East Coast Injury Clinic can deliver the best of neurology, auto injury, personal injury and chiropractic practice which makes it perfectly able to handle such complex injury cases with ease. East Coast Injury Clinic can offer the complete and extensive range of neurological solutions and services, including diagnosis, evaluation and treatment, comprehensive electrodiagnostic testing for checking the presence of nerve damage, vestibular rehabilitation and Videonystagmography for detecting balance issues. They can also deliver injection therapy for curing headaches and chronic muscle spasms. This makes East Coast Injury Clinic the most reliable Southside chiropractor Jacksonville center.

About East Coast Injury Clinic
East Coast Injury Clinic is a reputed injury clinic in Jacksonville, Florida that offers the best diagnostic and treatment solutions for various types of injuries.

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