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Dr. Roy Meets the Need for a Chiropractor Santa Monica With A State-Of-The-Art Chiropractic Care

PressReleasePing - February 11, 2019 -

Most individual wish that they should achieve their optimal level of fitness and health level possible. With the help of Active Release Techniques and by using the traditional chiropractic techniques hand-in-hand, Dr. Roy Nissim stands the best chiropractor Santa Monica and helps his patients achieve their intended level of fitness. He has successfully treated amateur and professional athletes alike.

Not just for professional athletes, but even for sports fanatics, who always engage themselves in some sort of sports activities, the right care from a chiropractor becomes essential at times. They can get help from Dr. Roy if they are in Santa Monica. He uses progressive and proven chiropractic techniques like a therapeutic massage, pilates therapy and spinal adjustments to relieve his patients out of discomforts caused after a sports injury.

With his experience as a sports chiropractor Santa Monica, Dr. Roy very well knows that the body of each individual is an abyss. So, he offers personalized treatments. His treatment plans are customized based on the needs and activity level of each patient. He uses shockwave therapy with the best outcome and has brought the best pain relief in patients.

For those, who have tanked in their past experiences in dealing with back pain, the best thing they can do is to fix an appointment with Dr. Roy. One of his patients says "Roy has helped me feel better on a few different occasions. He's a master at pinpointing what's going on with my body and helping me avoid pain. Worth the visit to stay healthy and out of pain"

He provides bedrock for pain relief at the first sitting and if the need arises, he recommends further sittings to provide complete pain relief for patients. The team under the leadership of Dr. Roy is committed to improving the overall health of patients through personalized care. The goal is to provide unique quality care and programs that exceed the expectations of patients.

About Dr. Roy Nissim:

Dr. Roy Nissim attended the University of Arizona. He completed his graduate work from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, California.

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