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Why are dispensaries and delivery services ditching other apps for Weedmenu

PressReleasePing - February 12, 2019 -

Despite recreational marijuana or weed being legal in a number of US states, there is still a bit of stigma surrounding the topic that prevents people from properly finding cannabis or hemp online – and when it comes to advertising or delivering one’s products, most producers often have to face hundreds of dollars in payments, making it an incredibly worthless endeavor. Much of this – however, has been resolved by Weedmenu.

Weedmenu is a SaaS directory platform application that has been designed to ensure that sellers and purchasers of cannabis and hemp can directly communicate with one another. For anyone who simply wants to test it out, or grows their own product, or distributes it on a large scale, WeedMenu’s technology is the perfect platform for meeting potential suppliers and clients. Unlike any other delivery service or dispensary, Weedmenu does not charge extensive costs to display cannabis-related businesses, and in fact come alongside a 90-day trial period to test out their app. Even as much as a single sale made for a business through their app also ensures that the business will have a continued spot on the app.

Weedmenu has live menus that can be updated in real-time at just $1 dollar a month – and also allows businesses to market directly to consumer through chat and push notifications. They’ve been successful in being able to garner one of the largest growing cannabis communities across the country, and continue to amass more users daily. Consumers can even review their purchased products and give their feedback.

With cannabis coming into the limelight, and becoming legal in more and more states across the US, it is the perfect time to cease the opportunity and ensure a profitable future. That said, for anyone wishing to either get their hands on some cannabis or hemp safely, or wanting to expand their business with new potential clients or customers, WeedMenu is a worthy consideration.

About WeedMenu:

Weedmenu, is a SaaS directory platform app designed exclusively for all those involved in the cannabis and hemp industry. Whether one is a curious newcomer, or a full on producer and distributer, or simply wanting to try it out for recreational use, Weedmenu’s functionality and technology will be able to meet the demands. Users can find the technology that can connect them to their cannabis resource. Connecting Hemp and Cannabis businesses and consumers through instant chat and push notifications – Weed Menu has managed to change the manner in which weed is distributed for a long time to come. Weed Menu is one of the fastest growing cannabis communities in the country for this very reason. For more information : 

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