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Jakabaring Bowling Center regarded as the most important venue for Asian games 2018

PressReleasePing - February 12, 2019 -

The 2018 Asian Games was held in the Indonesian venues of Jakarta and Palembang and was one of the most important sporting events in its recent history. Just like any other sporting event, its venue had a very important role to play. The Venue Asian Games plays a very important role in hosting the gaming event and its eventual success. The preparation for this event was managed effectively by INASGOC which was the local committee for the 2018 Asian Games along with the Indonesian government and the private sector of the country. Together they have contributed to present the perfect venue for the sporting events so as to see through the 2018 Asian Games successfully from beginning to the end.

Preparations for the 2018 Asian Games involved renovating multiple venues so that they become suitable for this major gaming event. Some of the venues that were upgraded for this occasion included the Jakabaring Sriwijaya Stadium. Additional supporting infrastructure development included LRT as well as building the new sports facilities for the Asian Games venues. One of the major sports facilities that were specifically built at this time for implementation and hosting of 2018 Asian Games was the Bowling Venue or Jakabaring Bowling Center in Palembang. Compared to some of the other venues in Indonesia that were used for hosting the gaming event, this was regarded as particularly special.

The Jakabaring Bowling Center is among the very few bowling centers of international standard that is located in Indonesia. It has a total area of about 4,200 square meters. The stadium was built on a sprawling area of around ​​2.8 hectares. It has got an extensive bowling alley consisting of 40 bowling trails. This is actually much more than the standard for most other bowling centers as usually the number of tracks range between 20 and 30 tracks. Such factors have really made Jakabaring Bowling Center the most important sporting center in Indonesia.

About Venue Asian Games 2018

The Venue Asian Games 2018 played a crucial role in the success of the 2018 Asian Games. Among the various venues, the Jakabaring Bowling Center is regarded as the most important as it was the largest of its kind.

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