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Finding the Brighter Side of Mental Health — 'Girls (and guys) just wanna have fun.'

PressReleasePing - February 22, 2019 -

People today have more options than ever to help them care for their mental health needs. Along with psychology-based therapies, counselling, and endless self-help advice, there is also a growing array of Eastern meditation and mindfulness practices now widely available. While the intention behind cultivating mental and emotional health is to feel better and ‘lighten up,’ the process can often feel anything but light. Conscientious men and women today are overwhelmed not only with all the options available, but also the mounting pressure to keep their mental health in check as part of a “balanced” lifestyle.

After years of interdisciplinary study with a strong focus on critical psychology, creator and founder of Sensitive Self Care, Dr. Joanna Perkins, has found that many well-intentioned approaches to mental health are themselves adding stress and anxiety to many people’s lives. “So much of the talk around mental health and self-care just isn’t fun. A lot of the time it’s really heavy, serious, and time-consuming. On the one hand, much of Western psychology tends to turn every experience into some sort of disorder. Whereas Eastern perspectives around wellness and mindfulness tend to be centred around disciplined practices. Every approach, of course, has its benefits, but people just can’t seem to catch a break – which is really all they’re looking for,” Perkins explains. Sensitive Self Care’s first of several planned online courses, The Ultimate Guide to Calming the EFF Down, is a light, fun and powerful experience designed to bridge this gap.

"Most of the content is very playful, and the format is meant to feel similar to scrolling through social media. While there's a lot of talk out there about the harms of social media consumption, I'm pretty sure it's here to stay and I think it makes sense to leverage that rather than make people feel guilty about it. I want people to have fun doing things they already do every day, but instead of consuming potentially anxiety-inducing content they have access to materials that were purposely created to be empowering and transformative.”

When it comes to their mental health, most people don’t want another tedious chore to add to their to-do lists — they just want simple ways to feel better, faster, and lighten up a little. In the slightly modified words of Cyndi Lauper, “Girls (and guys) just wanna have fun.” Sensitive Self Care gets this and is dedicated to offering mental health support that embraces ease, fun and delight.

About Sensitive Self Care

Sensitive Self Care is an emotional empowerment boutique offering unique online experiences designed to help chic, modern individuals master their emotional lives. To learn more and purchase The Ultimate Guide to Calming the EFF Down visit

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